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        Congratulations! Hangfeng OCI-1oil spectrometer successfully passed the appraisal review

        May 17, 2018.

        In Beijing, the Marine aviation administration hosted the "oci-1 oil spectrum analyzer" technical appraisal committee. After careful review by the panel of experts, It unanimously agreed that the products of Beijing Hangfeng "oci-1 oil spectrum analyzer" passed the appraisal review.

        Participating in this appraisal are from the naval war zones institution and units, naval academies, Tianjin naval bureau, Military representative office, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China state shipbuilding corporation and other 23 representative in total.

        The scene of spot

        The examination group listened carefully to the development work summary of the spectrometer, technical expertise, and the Trial report. The examination group test the products on site. The experts consider that our spectrometer meet the technical requirements of the design scheme, and reach the technical level of similar products abroad and can totally realize the domestication. This is significant to the science and technology industry of National Defense.

        The program of spectrometer designing started at November 2016. With one and a half year’s hard working, our technical team went through all the processes of the spectrometer as researching and developing, experimental verification, product trial, investigation and Identification. In comparison with foreign similar products, the oci-1 oil spectrum analyzer has been well received by relevant units for its stability, reliability, high precision and friendly interface.

        Our oci-1 oil spectrum analyzer successfully passing the appraisal review laid a solid foundation for its mass production for military. We will continue to give full play to the advantages of technology accumulation in aviation equipment guarantee, oil monitoring and purification, etc. We will thoroughly implement the strategy of military and civilian integration, making contribution to enhance the combat effectiveness of our country.