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        Hangfeng Company Achieved National Technology Innovation Awards

        Beijing Hangfeng Kewei company achieved National Technology Innovation Awards because of “three-dimensional oil pollution analyzer development and application”project.
        The Award is held by Ministry of Science and Technology and conducted by the Association of China Quality Evaluation and BEEA. It has discussed and elected 289 National Technology Innovation Awards from 146 enterprises, 121 Beijing Technology Innovation Awards from 69 enterprises in 2015.
        The traditional oil pollution detection method is detecting by single optical channel and it is limited and mistakenly impact when there are special shaped and overlap particles. While Hangfeng company developed “Three-Dimensional Oil Pollution Analyzer”, using detection method of three-dimensional image and data management to get stable and correct result. It detects and counts particle, bubble and fiber immediately after getting sample without settling. It saves time and can analyzes pollutant shape compared with traditional products.
        At present, this new product is being applied in military and industries, such as scientific research institution, maintaining related factories, laboratories. It is keeping equipment operating safely, prolonging equipment lifespan, as well as saving cost greatly.