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        HangFeng Company at China Wind Power 2015

        China Wind Power exhibition (CWP) has concluded in Beijing International Exhibition Center on 16th, Oct, 2015. Beijing Hangfeng Kewei company (430111) joint CWP this year with new technology and advanced products.

        The displayed products are mainly wind power related, including oil changing equipment for wind turbine, gear box oil monitoring system for wind-driven generator, oil filter, bypass filter, oil particle counter, oil metal debris sensor and on-line oil pollution detector.

        Oil changing equipment for wind turbine and gear box oil monitoring system for wind-driven generator are the most popular among oversea and domestic customers.Beijing Hangfeng company insists to develop civil products with military level technology, and keeps developing new products related to wind power. It has been non-negligible and powerful in wind energy industry.

        CWP, begins from year 2008, is now the largest professional wind power exhibition. There are more than 600 entities joining CWP this year, including many famous wind power ones at home and abroad.