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        KLD-3 Online & Portable Oil Particle Counter

        Product Type: KLD-3
        logo: Beijing Hangfeng
        Manufacturer: Beijing Hangfeng


        KLD-3 laser oil particle counter detects oil solid particle’s size, quantity and distribution. The machines friction, wear, leakage and normal aging process lead to solid particle or water that cause errors in critical components or subsystem of machinery. The oil could be hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gearbox oil, insulating oil (transformer oil), etc.

        The oil particle counter is used for predictive maintenance, in order to monitor and analyze the condition of operating oil or fluid, and to detect a variation from oil normal condition early on. So Operators can tell when to maintain machines with lowest cost according to its analysis. It helps operators ensure critical components to be fully utilised, eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce the total cost throughout machines’ service life.

        KLD-3 particle counter integrates LCD screen to display oil contamination condition, mini printer, lithium battery, compact instrument case that cannot break when heavy truck passing over. It supports online test, and also sample test if adding a pump.


        1.Small size, light weight, easy to carry and operate.

        2.High accuracy. Adopting the principle of laser blockage method which is the most efficient method to count particles in fluid.

        3.Analyzing oil like hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene oil.

        4.Protection Grade: IP67 (case closed)

        5.Measurement standards: NAS1638, ISO4406.

        6.Instrument case made by Pelican from the US, cannot break when heavy truck passing over.