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        DC Series Oil Metal Particle Check

        Product Type: DC-1 & DC Series
        logo: Beijing Hangfeng
        Manufacturer: Beijing Hangfeng


        The majority machines breakdown is caused by wear and tear of the key parts. The worn metal particle information tells when the breakdown is going to happen.


        DC-1 metal check instrument 100% monitors such worn and analyzes the worn situation, and works with monitoring software to predict if any potential problem, when will the machine break down. It reduces maintenance cost and breakdown time efficiently, and save cost throughout machines service life.


        1.100% detecting metal particle: ferromagnetic particle (mainly iron) & non-ferromagnetic particle (mainly copper & aluminium).

        2.Monitoring at full flow and in real time.

        3.Multiple Connecting methods to PC.

        4.Data transmission distance can be as far as 1000M.

        5.Compact & smart, small & light weight.

        6.Maintenance free, easy to install & uninstall.


        DC Series Specifications:


        DC-1 Online Oil Metal Particle Check Specifications: