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        About Us



        Company History





        Company Profile


        Beijing Hangfeng Kewei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd (“Beijing Hangfeng” for short hereinafter) has been established in 2007, a stock company listed in NEEQ, China’s NASDAQ. It is an expert in oil contaminant analyzing, monitoring and oil purifying.

        As national-level high tech company, Beijing Hangfeng has 30% R&D staff, creating dozens of inventions and patents. Depending on splendid & stable performance, reasonable price and advanced service, it is not only regular suppler to great civil enterprises, but also becomes designated manufacturer for different institutions in the Army, even including The People Liberation Army General Armaments Department.

        The products mainly include online oil particle counter, portable oil particle counter, benchtop oil contaminant analyzer, water in oil detector; by-pass oil filter & mobile oil filter; and oil changing equipment. The to-be-test oil could be hydraulics, lubricants, fire-resistant oil, gear oil, engine oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, diesel oil, gasoline and aviation kerosene, etc.

        The products are appropriate to various industries, such as power generation, mining, labs & research institutions, oil & gas exploration & refining, trucking & automotive, military & aerospace, etc.

        The products provide predictive maintenance to the machines, by detecting a variation from the oil’s normal condition. They fix the early errors to prevent whole machines from unplanned downtime, allow key components to by fully used, prolong oil change period & whole machines change period. They lead the machines utilizing optimally while reduce total maintenance cost throughout service life.

        Beijing Hangfeng has 2 factories to guarantee supply. One is in Luoyang city, the other one is in Beijing with around 17,000㎡. There is also a lab to provide oil calibration service and qualified to issue the certificate. Quality control center and after-sales service team could trace every single product to optimalize usage.